Mahābhārata: Maha means Greater, Bharata means Bhārata-varṣa. This is the history of great Bhārata-varṣa. 5000 years ago this planet was being called Bhārata-varṣa. This planet was formerly known as Ilāvṛta-varṣa, and later on, after the Emperor Bharata, this planet was known as Bhārata-varṣa. Mahābhārata is also an authorized vedic literature given by Vyasadev. In the history of Bhārata-varṣa, the Kuru dynasty was ruling all over the world 5000 years ago and there was a fight between two cousin-brothers, the Pāṇḍavas, and the Kauravas of the Kuru dynasty.



Mahabharata VOL 1 – The Adi Parva